Fusion Bright 4ft x4 216W T5 HO Kit

Fusion Bright 4ft x4 216W T5 HO Kit

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Product Description :


Comes complete with four T5 High Output Fluorescent Bulbs (6500k)

About the system:

  • Low Profile - only 12 3/4" Wide x 49" Long x 2 1/4" Deep !
  • 48" (4 feet) Long MINI T5 - perfect for seed-starting or cloning!
  • Four 4’ High Output Bulbs Included (T5 F54HO)
  • High Output bulbs have extremely high lumen per watt rating - 5,000 lumens per bulb!
  • Lamps emit very little heat, allowing you to hang the fixture very close the the plant canopy. THIS DRAMATICALLY INCREASES YOUR YIELDS!
  • T5 bulbs have an outstanding 24,000 hour life expectancy (one year is 8,760 hours) and unlike sodium or halide bulbs, a T5 loses very little of its light output over its life.
  • Solid State Electronic Ballast emit very low heat and is virtually SILENT.
  • Electronic Ballast operates on standard Household Current (120v)
  • Innovative Design has ballast placed beside lamps, not above lamps (like competitive fixtures do) allowing them to run cooler and last longer
  • Sleek Design and Attractive Finish make this the best looking T5 fixture on the market!
  • Top Quality Highly Reflective 95%+ polished Aluminum Reflector for Maximum Light Output unlike competitions unpolished "tin" type reflector.
  • Locking Lamp Sockets hold lamps in place properly and will not allow for the lamps to fall out.
  • Convenient On/Off Switch
  • Lightweight and Easy to Hang
  • Best Price for a High Output T-5 Grow Light Fixture ANYWHERE!
  • UL Approved unit for use in Canada
  • Comes with Metal Hangers built into the Light Fixture