Bokashi Pro-Gro - My Good Green

Bokashi Pro-Gro - My Good Green

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Superfood for your soil!

Give your garden a healthy snack with My Good Green™ Bokashi Pro-Gro.

This 100% organic premium soil amendment is hand-made with a proprietary blend of specialty nutrients, vitamins, minerals, superfood complex and probiotic consortium, using an acidic anaerobic fermentation process.

Get healthier, stronger plants with increased flavour, colour and yield!

Power-Up your plants with Bokashi Pro-Gro!

Fermented Organic Soil

Bokashi Pro-Gro is formulated with our own blend of specialty nutrients including high grade vitamins, minerals, superfood complex and probiotic consortium. The blend is made using a unique acidic anaerobic fermentation process which results in a nutrient-rich organic product for your lawn and gardens.

Uses and Benefits of Bokashi Pro-Gro

Bokashi Pro-Gro helps you to produce healthier plants and results in increased nutrients in fruits and veggies. It can increase flavour, colour and yield. Using Bokashi Pro-Gro reduces the amount of watering you need to do, and the runoff is beneficial for the environment.

Bokashi Pro-Gro can be used as a soil amendment, an alternative to synthetic fertilizers, as a lawn and container top dressing, and as a compost tea and foliar spray.