Top 5 Cannabis Growing Tips n' Tricks - @GrofessorX

Top 5 Cannabis Growing Tips n' Tricks - @GrofessorX

With the Outdoor Germination/Clone Season approaching, its about that time to go over our 5 Favorite tips for a successful Cannabis grow for your 2022 Season.

1. Watering - Always number one because it seems to be the most consistent problem with most new Gardeners & Growers.  The  biggest mistake made is over watering, especially within the first 6 weeks of germinating or while in small containers/pots.  

Its always best to water according to the situation.  Lifting the container to feel how heavy/saturated it is, works as a better indication of feeding time.  Even more so in the 4 weeks following planting the germinated seed or clone.  Roots need oxygen almost as much as water, making sure the soil is never fully saturated is key to faster growth over all.  Once the plant is in a 3 gallon pot or larger and is over 6 weeks old, automated or more aggressive watering and feeding can be used for the duration of the grow. 


2. Grow Medium - Developing strong and aggressively growing root systems come down to the enrichment, density, and drainage capability of your growing medium/soil mixture. 

Making sure you have a proper potting mix containing products like Perlite or Vermiculite, will help both drain and retain moisture in the growing medium/soil.  The type of Nutrients & Additives you are planning to use for your grow should be brought into account when choosing your growing medium/soil.  Premixed potting soils from companies like Fox Farm or Pro-Mix sometimes contain natural and slow release nutrients to help aid the plant in all stages of growing without adding any additional nutrients or additives until months into the grow.  Stay away from Miracle Grow or similar Box Store soil mixes that use more concentrated minerals and chemicals as supposed to Natural & Organic additives.   


3. Pot/Container Size - Always a frequently asked, and inconsistently answered question in the Cannabis industry for years.  The rule of thumb has always been to start in a smaller container and gradually re-pot it to larger containers as the root system begins to outgrow its current size pot.  This method is the most popular and longest used.  Basically starting with a pod or small beer cup, moving to a 1 Gallon, then 3 Gallon, than 5 Gallon or larger to complete the flowering process.  

Although this technique as been tried and tested, a few fellow growers and my self included, have grown on several occasions start to finish in 5 Gallon or larger pots without transplanting at all.  Suggested only of you have a good grasp of watering and feeding cycles, as well as specifically pouring the water on the rim of the plant to constantly promote crawling root growth.  As well to never oversaturate directly on or under the root structure to avoid slower growth or root rot. 


4. Location Location Location - No matter if you are growing outdoor under the sun, or indoor growing under a lighting fixture, your plant has to be in the right spot to efficiently absorb the energy of the light provided.  

Although Cannabis plants tend to thrive more when planted directly into the soil, there are plenty of advantages to keeping your Cannabis plant in a large pot that you could move around on your own.  Planting directly in the ground does give your plants root structure more room to spread and thrive, however things like trees & shadows from structures can hinder a few hours of potential light everyday that increases the closer to the end of the season.  With your Cannabis plant in a large moveable Pot, not only can you protect it from nasty weather and wind, but you can also position it daily to better receive the sun and light winds required for an optimal grow.


5. Nutrients, Additives, Boosters & Flushes - Although the majority of Nutrients are available in organic formulas, most Nutrient companies instruct you to use nearly twice the amount of nutrients needed for your plant to excel.  It is usually because they want you to buy more nutrients, using what they suggest wouldn't kill your plant, but is usually on the cusp of a little too much.  

As a general rule of thumb with most of the Nutrient brands on the Market, it is always best to literally use Half of what the botte suggests for your growing cycle.  Monitor your plants closely to determine if it could handle bumping up the nutrient intake while its showing signs of aggressive growth and health.  Cut back if you notice slower growth or yellowing leaves, as this most likely is a case of Nutrient Lock where you would need to flush out the overage of nutrients from your growing medium and root system .  

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