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Baby Steps For Baby Spinach 


2022 Began literally a few weeks ago. The Ontario Government has already announced incentives for "Staycations" in Ontario.  Rebates per household up to $400 to help minimize the amount of "Non-Essential" travel abroad.  

The Ontario Government is spending more Time, Money & Effort on spreading the "mandate mentality", so we would be safe to assume that travelling abroad this spring and summer 2022 will be riddled with obstacles for every Canadian.

Starting an Small Indoor Garden, a Large Outdoor Garden or Shed Sized Greenhouse will cost you a lot less Time, Money & Effort that you  have "conveniently" been led to believe. 

Starting a Small Indoor 4 shelf Micro-Greens setup could cost you as low as $400.00 initially, & less than $8 a month to maintain/power/water.  This simple, soilless, and organic modern garden can produce enough Micro Lettuce, Clover, Radishes, Alfalfa, Collards, Kale & even Kohlrabi at every dinner for a Family of four.  Daily Herbs, Spices, Soups, Salads, & More picked fresh daily.  Most of these kits come in an enclosed tent that has a 2 foot by 4 foot by 5 foot high footprint.  They literally can be put in any room, even right in the kitchen.  This also becomes a living classroom for children to learn, and understand where food comes from and how important it is to know how to farm on any level.  

Starting a Medium to Large Outdoor Garden in the ground of your backyard, or Large Pots on your Deck or Balcony, is also a miniscule amount of work in comparison to what you achieve and receive when harvesting.  A little Digging, Soil, Seeds & Water can literally produce fresh Herbs & Strawberries Daily for 3 to 4 months in the Ontario Summer..  In 4-5 months of minimal watering and maintenance, an abundance of every vegetable & fruit that can grow in the southern Ontario climate will be ready to be consumed, canned & shared with your extended family and close neighbors. 

The idea that you need a tractor and a few acres of fertile soil to feed you and your family fresh produce daily is far from the truth. Fluorescent T5, T8 & Even T12 Light Fixtures work great for general vegetation growth and literally can cost less than $5 a fixture used.  With the not so recent Mass Production of LED Diodes, LED Grow Lighting has become much more affordable and accessible.  LED Grow Lighting also emits up to 70% less heat than traditional HID Grow Fixtures.  This opens up growing indoor to even more areas and climates. 

Give yourself a Realistic Goal, & Approach to Self Sufficiency.  Ill use myself as an example, but id rather do it in depth on another blog.  For now, gradually keep track of what, & how much produce you & your family consume weekly with your regular meals & packed lunches.  Even take a rough average of how much time you spend getting groceries, the cost of transportation and the general frequency. 

Take a General Footprint of you true cost will give you a good idea of how much time, and money you already spend weekly. Compared to how much time and money will cost when you grow the produce yourself. 

For more information on understanding your General Footprint & building a system to start supplementing or replacing completely ,  

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